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Gerakini, from its creation at the beginning of the 20th century and many years before its evolution into a tourist resort, was an important mining area both for the national and local economy, known for mining and export of magnesite. The ore used to be transported from the mining facilities by Decauville type railway to the nearby beach, where it was being loaded on ships and exported around the world. This was also the impetus for naming the villa, while at the beach you will find the pier which was used for loading of ore and is now inactive, although it constitutes the landmark of Gerakini’s beach.

The village’s development followed the evolution of mining activity, which clearly defined, mostly during the past, the form and composition of the local society and affected the residents’ lifestyle. The mining activity continues until today, but far from the coastal zone, while the long-term impact on the land had as a result the creation of a unique terrain and special mining landscape, in tune with the form and the environment of the region.